16 Free Public Domain and CC0-Licensed Image Sources

Are you looking for public domain and CC0-Licensed images for your blog that are royalty-free?

Including high-quality images on your website can increase user engagement.

We’ll show you 16 fantastic websites where you can find free public domain and CC0-Licensed images that you can use anywhere in this article.

What Are the Benefits of Using Free Public Domain or CC0-Licensed Images?

Even if the copyright isn’t stated explicitly, you should assume it exists. It is also illegal to use these images without permission. Copyright protects all images on the internet.

While stock photo websites such as ShutterStock offer high-quality, royalty-free images, not everyone has the financial means to purchase licensed photographs and images.

This is where public domain images and the CC0 license come in handy.

The term “public domain” refers to works that have had their licenses expire or that have been explicitly released with no restrictions on their use.

CC0 is a free-to-use license that allows copyright holders to distribute their works without any restrictions.

You can use these images in your blog posts, featured images, sliders, image galleries, backgrounds, and pretty much anywhere else you want as a website owner. Anyone can use images in the public domain or under the CC0-License for any purpose.

After that, let’s look at some of the most well-curated sources for free public domain or CC0-Licensed images.

1. Exelon

Pexels is a large and well-organized collection of public domain images. You can easily browse images by category or search for specific images.

All of the photos on Pexels are free to use and do not require attribution.

Unsplash is number two.

Every ten days, the site posts ten new photos. A well-known source of high-quality CC0-licensed photographs. It has a useful search feature that allows you to find images that match specific themes such as nature, office, work, and more.

3. The Negative Zone

Negative Space is a stunning collection of CC0-Licensed images for bloggers, artists, and small businesses. It has a simple search function and allows you to browse images by tags and colors.

4. Images in the Public Domain

For easy browsing, images are organized into categories. Download high-quality images, graphics, and vectors for free from Public Domain Pictures.

5. Old Stock (New)

This website, as the name implies, features a lovely collection of vintage photographs that are now in the public domain.

Pixabay is number six.

Pixabay has a huge library of free images. The site is regularly updated, so you’ll find both new and less-used images there.

My Stock Photos No. 7

There are 500+ free stock images for blogs in this collection. The images are neatly categorized and can be downloaded in high resolution.

Pickup Image #8

Pickup Image has a large collection of images in the public domain. Tags can be used to quickly browse the site, or you can use the search function. It also has free graphics and clipart.

SplitShire is number nine.

Daniel Nanescu’s SplitShire is a beautiful collection of photographs released under the CC0-License. Tags, filters, and the mosaic view are all options for browsing the site.

The British Library is number ten.

The British Library’s Flickr account features over a million illustrations, drawings, and works from 17th, 18th, and 19th-century books. All of these works are released under the CC0-License and are free to use anywhere.

LibreShot (#11)

LibreShot features photographs by Martin Vorel that have been released into the public domain.

PDPics is number 12 on the list.

It also has a huge library of public domain images that you can download and use in your blog posts. PDPicks is a collection of public domain stock photos that are available for free.

13. Art that can be reused

All of the works on this website are in the public domain. More than 3000 vintage drawings, illustrations, and artworks make up the Reusable Art collection.

Skitterphoto (#14)

A beautifully curated collection of Creative Commons-licensed images. You’ll find less-used and unique photographs on the site because it features the work of their own photographers.

StockSnap.io is number fifteen.

Hundreds of new images are added weekly to StockSnap’s collection of beautiful free stock photos.

Images of a Barn

Barn Images is a collection of Creative Commons 0 (CC0) images. All images are available for free download in high resolution. You can search for keywords or browse images by categories or tags.

Last Words: The Best Stock Image Website

While the websites listed above have a large selection of free images, we frequently get questions from readers asking where we get our great-looking illustrations for our thumbnails and featured images.

We use Shutterstock because it provides us with access to a large collection of high-quality images, vectors, and illustrations.

Regardless of which stock photo site you use, it’s critical to save your images as web-optimized files so that your website loads quickly.

To speed up your site, check out our guides on the best WordPress caching plugins and best WordPress CDN services. We hope that this article has assisted you in locating the best free public domain and CC0-Licensed images for your website.

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