16 Typography Plugins for WordPress to Improve Your Design

We’ll show you some of the best WordPress typography plugins to help you improve your design in this article. It increases the readability of your website and the amount of time users spend on it. Do you want to improve your design with a WordPress typography plugin? In web design, typography is very important.

What Is the Importance of Typography for Your WordPress Site?

Beautiful fonts improve the user experience, increase engagement, and increase the amount of time people spend on your site. In design, typography is very important.

Many premium WordPress themes already include Google fonts and allow you to customize the typography to your liking.

WordPress advanced users can learn how to use external fonts. In their WordPress themes, they can use Google Fonts.

Fortunately, there are a slew of WordPress plugins that can help you improve typography on your site without requiring you to write any code. However, the majority of users are inexperienced and have no idea how to edit theme files.

After that, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress typography plugins to try out on your site.

1. Google Fonts for Beginners

It also adds a Typography tab to the theme customizer, allowing you to control the typography on your WordPress site. You can use Google Fonts on your WordPress site with ease thanks to Easy Google Fonts.

You can change fonts while seeing a live preview of your changes if you use the typography tab. Font sizes, colors, padding, border, and many other options are available.

CSS selectors can be used for advanced typography. To find the CSS classes you want to target, simply use the Inspect tool.

Google Font Manager is number two.

Another plugin that brings the power of Google’s font library to your WordPress site is Google Fonts Manager. You’ll need a free Google Fonts API key, which you can get by following the simple instructions in the plugin’s settings.

Google Fonts Manager allows you to browse, preview, and select fonts from Google Fonts before adding them to your library. These fonts can then be used in your post editor and themes.

3. If you’re looking for a WordPress Typekit Fonts

TypeKit is one of the internet’s largest font repositories. It’s a paid-for service with a limited amount of free time. They have some of the most stunning fonts available for use on your website.

The TypeKit for WordPress plugin makes it easy to connect your website to TypeKit, add the font loading code, and even add custom CSS.

See our guide on how to use TypeKit to add awesome typography to WordPress for step-by-step instructions.

Drop Cap (Simple) a.

This simple plugin adds a drop cap to the first letter of a blog post. You can use the [dropcap]A[/dropcap] shortcode or set it to do it automatically for all posts.

See our guide on how to add drop caps to WordPress posts for more information.

wp-Typography (WordPress Typography) (WordPress Typography) (

For better typography, wp-Typography improves those filters. WordPress filters the text in your posts and pages by default for security and formatting reasons.

All of these improvements help users have a better reading experience. It can also handle quotes, eclipses, dashes, trademark and copyright symbols, and much more intelligently. When necessary, it can use hyphens automatically.

6. A Straightforward Pull Quote

Pull quotes are a type of quote that can help users read longer articles on your website more effectively. Have you noticed how popular news websites use blockquotes to highlight interesting passages from articles?

To manually create pull quotes in your articles, use the button in the visual editor or shortcodes. Simple Pull Quotes is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily insert beautiful pull quotes into your posts.

You can also make easily shareable pull quotes. See our instructions for adding clickable Tweet boxes to WordPress posts.

TinyMCE Advanced is the seventh version of TinyMCE.

You may have noticed that the WordPress visual editor lacks advanced editing features such as changing font sizes, background colors, tables, and so on.

TinyMCE Advanced comes in handy here.

It adds more formatting controls to the default WordPress editor. You have the option of adding or removing buttons from the visual editor.

Zeno Font Resizer is an application that allows you to resize fonts.

Adding a font resizer to your website, on the other hand, allows users to change the font size to their liking. Users who visit your website can use their browser to resize fonts.

It’s simple to add a font resizer widget to your sidebar with Zeno Font Resizer. Because this widget makes use of jQuery, the user can change the font size without having to reload the page.

Page Title Splitter (nine)

The Page Title Splitter tool makes it simple to break up longer post titles into new lines. This enables you to use longer post titles while still keeping them readable.

To learn how to split post or page titles in WordPress, follow our step-by-step instructions.

Secondary Title #10

Secondary Title, like Post Title Splitter, lets you add a subtitle to your post, page, or custom post type titles.

11. Widget for Accessibility

A font resizer widget has been added to the accessibility widget to make it more accessible for users with visual impairments.

90%, 100%, 110%, and 120% are the default settings. Up to four resize options are available in the widget. You can change the font size in this section.

Endnotes (12)

Endnotes makes adding footnotes to your WordPress posts a lot easier. Footnotes can be collapsed by default and expanded when the user clicks on them.

Numbering Greg’s Threaded Comments

It can also deal with threaded comments. Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering plugin adds numbers to the end of your WordPress comments.

You can also customize the way the plugin displays numbers by adding your own custom styles. The plugin includes a stylesheet of its own.

See our guide on how to add numbers to the WordPress comment layout for more information.

14th. Widget for colorful text

You can now make your text widget pop out. Are you fed up with the same old boring text widget? Color Text Widget lets you add colorful text widgets to your website.

Check out our guide on how to add colorful text widgets in WordPress for more information. The widget’s settings allow you to customize the background, text, and title colors.

15. Hover over the text

In the plugin settings, you can use a simple format to create your own list of phrases, acronyms, and titles. The Text Hover plugin makes it simple to add tool tips to any text.

For comments, you can enable text hover and even make them case sensitive.

Just Writing is No. 16

WordPress had a real full-screen distraction-free writing mode called ‘Just Writing’ before this version. WordPress has a distraction-free writing mode, which was first introduced in version 4.1.

It also lets you pick and choose which buttons and options to keep in full-screen writing mode. This plugin simply replaces WordPress’s current distraction-free writing mode with the full-screen editor that was available prior to WordPress 4.1.

You might also be interested in our list of 8 tried-and-true ways to promote old WordPress posts. We hope you found this article useful in your search for the best WordPress typography plugins to help you improve your design.

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