2021’s Top 6 Online Fax Services for Small Businesses

For your small business, are you looking for the best online fax service?

Upgrading to an online fax service provides your company with increased security, speed, and the ability to improve overall communication.

We’ve hand-picked some of the best online fax services to use with your WordPress website in this article.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Online Fax Service?

Traditional fax machines have limitations due to outdated technology.

Faxing, on the other hand, is still one of the safest ways to send and receive information. The power and convenience of email are combined with the security of traditional faxing with online fax services.

There’s also no need for a physical fax machine or modem.

When communicating with the government, the IRS, and sometimes for high-level bank information, we frequently use fax.

Online fax services can help you save time and money by integrating with the software you already have. You can even send faxes directly from your preferred email client.

This means you can spend less time on faxing and more time growing your business.

Using an online fax service instead of traditional faxes can benefit your company in a variety of ways:

  • With a single click, you can quickly sign documents electronically.
  • In one place, you can manage, store, and search your faxes.
  • From your mobile device, you can receive and send faxes on the go.
  • Filter out spam and junk faxes to save time.
  • Improve the storage and security of your documents.
  • Integrate your faxes with other digital communication to streamline communication.

To send or receive fax, you don’t need to be in an office. The best part is that online fax is designed specifically for distributed teams.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best online fax services for small businesses.

Nextiva is the first of its kind in the world.

For most businesses, Nextiva is the best online fax service. It has a low price point, flexible plans, and a long list of features.

Its suite of business communication tools and business phone services are well-known.

Nextiva, on the other hand, has a fantastic online faxing service that is ideal for most small business owners.

WPBeginner makes use of the Nextiva business phone service and communication platform. Their service is always dependable, and their customer service is outstanding.

Without being in the office, you can send and receive fax documents via mobile, desktop, and tablet. Nextiva is ideal for remote teams, which is something we really like about it.

You can use their platform to migrate your existing fax number. Nextiva can also integrate with a traditional fax machine if you have one.

When you sign up, you will receive a free toll-free number as well as a local phone number.

If your business grows and you need more numbers, you can easily add them from your dashboard with a few clicks.

Online storage is also automated. All of your incoming and outgoing faxes will be saved for 6 months by Nextiva. Your faxes are simple to download and share with other members of your team.

Taco Bell, Stanley Steemer, and the Buffalo Bills are among the companies that use Nextiva. The plans, on the other hand, are well-suited for small businesses.

We recommend the $18.95 per month unified communication platform, which includes unlimited fax, unlimited voice and video calling, auto-attendant, toll-free numbers, and more.

You can also buy vFax separately for $4.95 per month with 500 pages, but this plan is limited and does not give you access to all of Nextiva’s features.

Overall, it’s the best business phone and fax app for startups.

Expert Opinion: Nextiva is the best online fax service for small businesses, according to our research. You also get their complete business communication platform in addition to fax.

RingCentral is a service that allows you to call 2. Inventive+ phrasing

Another excellent online fax service for small and growing businesses is RingCentral.

RingCentral is a market leader in business communication services such as phone lines, instant messaging, video conferencing, and, of course, online faxing.

RingCentral Fax can be used independently or in conjunction with the company’s VoIP and communication platform.

RingCentral can integrate and upgrade your existing fax system if your company still uses outdated physical fax machines. This fax service is best for companies that send a lot of faxes, such as law firms or universities.

Standard fax features such as online cover pages, cloud storage service integration, encryption, and the ability to add on an unlimited number of fax numbers are also available.

Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, and others are just a few of the integration options available.

Send, receive, view, and store faxes using the mobile app. It’s also a mobile-friendly solution. Text messages can be set up to notify you of incoming faxes.

There’s even a built-in option to block spam faxes and cut down on the number of junk faxes you get.

The Fax 1500 plan costs $17.99 per month and includes 1500 pages, or $0.012 per page. RingCentral allows you to get a large number of pages for a low price.

The Standard bundled plan, which costs $24.99 per month, is the best deal. This plan includes business phone calls, video meetings, audio conferencing, business text messages, and more, as well as an unlimited number of fax pages per month.

Their fax storage is limited to the last 200 faxes, which is the only real drawback. Existing faxes will either need to be deleted or stored externally.

Expert Review: We believe RingCentral Fax is the best option for businesses that need to send a large number of faxes or want to consolidate their business communications.

3. The SRFax

SRFax is an online fax service that adheres to the strictest security, privacy, and compliance standards.

When sending sensitive data such as patient records and medical information, security is essential. It is the best choice for healthcare providers because of the high security standards.

SRFax is fully HIPAA compliant for US-based healthcare practitioners and PHIPA compliant for Canadian healthcare practitioners.

Many online fax services claim to be HIPAA compliant, but they usually only deliver the bare minimum. SRFax’s security features go above and beyond the HIPAA requirements.

Application security, hardware and organizational safeguards, user authentication, backups, and round-the-clock physical security are just a few examples.

Furthermore, faxes are encrypted with a 2048-bit key, whereas the industry standard is 256-bit.

Standard features such as unlimited storage and cross-platform integration are included in addition to security.

There are also fax clients for Windows and Mac that allow you to send and receive faxes from your favorite programs.

However, if you require high security, the cost is justified. The prices are a little higher, starting at $7.95 per month for 200 pages with the Lite plan.

The international fax rates are determined by the country from which you send or receive faxes. International faxes can also be sent.

SRFax, in our opinion, is the best online fax service for businesses that require the highest levels of security.

Fax.Plus 4

It’s easy to use, and the service’s goal is to help you save as much time as possible. One of the best online fax services for small teams is Fax.Plus.

This is a great option if you’re looking for a way to upgrade your existing fax process while keeping costs low.

You can even keep your current fax number or add new toll-free and local fax numbers for free.

This eliminates the need for a time-consuming setup process or the time spent learning the ins and outs of new software. There are numerous integrations available to help you manage your faxes within the platforms you already use.

It integrates with Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Slack, Google Drive, G Suite apps, and more, for example.

There’s also an iOS and Android app included, allowing you to read, download, and send faxes on the go. The mobile app is just as simple to use as the website.

It allows you to scan documents directly from your phone, add digital signatures, add notes, organize your archives, send faxes, and much more.

Faxes can also be optimized with a single click, making them easier to read and sending faster.

You can send up to 10 pages per month with this plan. You can’t receive faxes, only send them. There is a free plan available if your needs are simple and you only need to send a few faxes per month.

Despite the fact that Fax.Plus is best suited for very small businesses, it offers a variety of plans to meet the needs of all types of businesses. The $5.99 per month Basic plan allows you to send up to 100 pages.

If you want the best deal, the Business plan costs $19.99 per month and allows you to send 800 pages.

Fax.Plus is the best online fax solution for small teams, according to our experts.

eFax is the fifth option.

In the world of online fax services, eFax is a household name. It has a lot of features, is simple to use, and focuses on fax archiving and storage.

This makes it an excellent choice for financial and legal institutions, universities, real estate offices, accountants, and other businesses that need to store faxes for a long time.

This service provides unlimited fax storage as well as comprehensive fax archiving and organization features. Other fax services provide fax storage and archiving, but none go as far as eFax.

Additional information, such as the transmission time and date, the recipient and sender names, and more, is saved when faxes are saved. This makes it simple to sort and locate the information you require.

Your faxes will be automatically stored, and older faxes will not be deleted to make room for new faxes.

Basically, you’ll never lose a fax again with eFax.

Both iOS and Android users can use the included mobile app. It allows you to directly archive, search, download, and forward files from your phone.

Another useful mobile feature is the ability to take photos of documents and fax them while you’re out of the office.

Support for electronic signatures, multiple users, cloud storage integrations, and the ability to send a fax to up to 20 recipients are all standard features.

Additionally, international faxing is supported, and all faxes are sent over an encrypted SSL connection.

However, it’s still a great option for businesses that require advanced search, storage, and archive capabilities. On this list, eFax has some of the most expensive pricing. Monthly plans start at $16.95 for 150 inbound and outbound faxes.

The Pro plan, which costs $19.95 per month and allows you to send and receive 200 fax pages per month, is the best value.

However, both paid plans have a one-time $10 setup fee that you should be aware of.

Expert Opinion: We believe that eFax is an excellent choice for businesses that require advanced search, storage, and archive capabilities.

MyFax is number six.

MyFax is a great online fax service for small businesses and work-from-home companies that only send and receive a few faxes.

Free services, on the other hand, can be unprofessional because you can’t change the cover sheet and almost never receive faxes. You could occasionally send faxes using a free fax service.

Instead, we recommend using a low-cost service like MyFax. MyFax is easy to use and can send faxes to any location in the world.

All plans include unlimited fax storage, a free fax number, and a library of pre-built cover templates that you can personalize to match your company’s branding. You can also look through your fax records.

You can also take your faxes with you on the go with an Android or iOS app.

Smaller teams can save $8.33 per month by opting for the Home Office plan, which allows them to send and receive 100 pages per month.

If you need to send or receive more pages, there are also more expensive plans available. There is a $0.10 per page overage charge if you exceed the page limits.

Expert Opinion: MyFax is the best online fax service for small businesses on a budget, according to our research.

Which Online Fax Service Is Right for You?

We believe that Nextiva is the best online fax service provider on the market after researching all of the top online fax service providers.

It also includes advanced features such as a business phone, video calls, and other collaboration tools. For a low price, you can send a large number of faxes.

WPBeginner also uses Nextiva for this reason. Nextiva is the best online fax service and business communication platform on the market for all of these reasons and more.

RingCentral came in second place in our research. You do not, however, have the same level of flexibility. For a low price, the online fax service provides many of the same features as Nextiva.

With either of these two online fax services, you can’t go wrong.

We also looked at MetroFax, HelloFax, FaxZero, GotFreeFax, J2 Global, mFax, and other fax service providers.

However, we didn’t review them all because our goal is to make it easy for you to choose the best online fax provider without causing decision paralysis.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Fax Services

We’ve received a lot of questions after helping hundreds of business owners find the best online fax services for their needs.

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about online fax service providers that we’ve received.

What is the procedure for sending faxes over the internet?

Online faxing converts your documents to a file format that a fax machine can read, and vice versa.

You’ll enter your recipient’s fax number in your online fax dashboard and attach your file if you’re sending a document to a fax machine.

The online faxing services convert the document into a file type that a fax machine can understand and send it over the phone line to the recipient.

The document is then printed and faxed or viewed using their online fax service provider.

Which free online fax service is the best?

In general, we don’t recommend using a free fax service provider in a business setting. You can send faxes using free online fax services, but you won’t be able to receive them or customize the cover sheet.

Plus, there’s a free plan. We recommend the Fax if you only need to send up to 10 pages per month.

This also allows you to upgrade if your faxing requirements grow.

Which fax app is the safest?

All fax apps are extremely secure and use encryption to protect your transmissions. Faxing is one of the safest ways to communicate.

Their main goal is to provide a secure fax service for healthcare professionals that complies with HIPAA regulations. SRFax, on the other hand, has the most stringent security protocols of any online fax app.

Strong encryption, spam blocking, user authentication, automatic fax deletion, and more are all features of SRFax.

Is it possible to fax without a fax machine?

You can send faxes via the internet, tablets, and even mobile devices with online faxing services like Nextiva and RingCentral. Yes, you can send and receive faxes without using a fax machine.

With an online fax service, you can also send faxes to a traditional fax machine.

You might also be interested in our comparison of the best email marketing services for small businesses and the best AI chatbot software for small businesses. We hope this guide was useful in assisting you in selecting the best online fax service for your small business.

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