9 Best WordPress PDF Plugins (Viewer, Embed, and Downloads)

Are you looking for the best WordPress PDF plugins but don’t know where to begin?

Using a plugin, you can easily create, edit, and embed documents. WordPress cannot generate or embed PDF files in posts or pages by default. A PDF plugin comes in handy in this situation.

We’ll show you the best PDF plugins for WordPress that you can use on your website in this article.

Why Do You Need a WordPress PDF Plugin?

By default, WordPress does not support embedding PDFs or downloading blog posts as PDFs.

If you try to embed a PDF document in WordPress, it will display the file as a downloadable link. If someone clicks on the link, they will be taken away from your website.

You can use a WordPress PDF plugin to display your documents on your website. Visitors to your website can then view them in a PDF viewer while still on your website.

Your users can also download any blog post or page as a PDF document with the help of a PDF plugin. It ensures that the page is properly formatted so that people can easily save or print it.

Let’s take a look at the best PDF plugins for WordPress now.

EmbedPress is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to embed

EmbedPress is a full-featured WordPress plugin that lets you embed and display PDF files in your posts and pages. It’s simple to use, and you can upload and place PDF documents anywhere on your site using the media library.

It allows you to import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch. You can also use EmbedPress to add other types of media to your WordPress site.

EmbedPress also allows you to embed Google Maps, docs, forms, sheets, Facebook posts, audio files, and much more.

2. E2Pdf (Executive Summary of E2Pdf)

E2Pdf is a lightweight WordPress PDF plugin that allows you to create, edit, and display PDF documents to your site’s visitors.

You can show your audience static or dynamic PDF files. You can use it to create and edit PDF documents and forms without leaving your WordPress site.

You can also use the plugin to create PDF forms automatically based on your WordPress posts, pages, or web forms.

WPForms is a WordPress form builder. 3. If you’re looking for a

You can use WPForms to allow users to upload PDF files to your website via a file upload form. Over 3 million website owners use WPForms, the most beginner-friendly WordPress contact form plugin.

You won’t have to give others access to your website’s backend in order to collect PDF files this way.

WPForms also allows you to download your contact form submissions as a PDF document if you want to share them with others.

You can learn how to make a file upload form in WordPress by reading our tutorial.

4. BestWebSoft PDF & Print

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft adds a PDF download and print button to your WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types, as the name implies.

When generating PDFs or creating a printer-friendly version, the plugin can also use shortcodes. You can customize the title of your website, as well as the featured image, custom styles, and fonts.

PDF Invoices & Packing Slips for WooCommerce a.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips is a WordPress PDF plugin that lets you create, download, and send PDF invoices along with order confirmation emails from your WooCommerce store.

From your WooCommerce admin area, the plugin also allows you to manage your packing slips and invoices. Basic templates are provided, with the option to customize them to meet your specific business needs.

To get started, you can use our step-by-step guide on how to start an online store.

6. Poster in PDF format

Another user-friendly WordPress plugin for embedding PDF files on your website is PDF Poster.

You can also include a download button so that people can easily obtain your PDF file. You can include PDF documents in your WordPress posts, pages, widget area, and theme files by using a shortcode.

When you embed a file, the black viewer frame is removed, giving visitors a cleaner experience.

7. Viewer for PDF.js

PDF.js Viewer is a WordPress plugin that allows you to embed PDF files into your posts and pages using a simple shortcode or Gutenberg block.

Users have access to all of the document’s features, including scrolling, searching, printing, and downloading PDF files. It displays PDF documents in a browser using Mozilla’s PDF.js.

Aside from that, the plugin allows you to password protect PDF files, set advanced zoom settings, display a loading bar, and display partially loaded PDF files.

8. Embedder for PDFs

PDF Embedder is a WordPress plugin that lets you insert PDF files into your posts and pages.

This distinguishes the plugin from the others on our list. The plugin embeds files with a fully functional toolbar that allows users to zoom, navigate, and even download the PDF file using JavaScript.

Javascript gives you more control over the appearance of your PDF documents. You can also manually enter the width and the plugin will calculate the height for you. The plugin also adjusts the size of your PDF files automatically.

9. MonsterInsights is a website that provides information about monsters.

MonsterInsights is the most popular WordPress analytics plugin, with over 2 million users. It allows you to see how visitors find and interact with your website.

It has a built-in download tracking feature that allows you to keep track of how many PDF downloads your WordPress site generates.

It also allows you to see how many people are clicking on specific PDF files, links, buttons, or any other element on your site, in addition to download tracking. You can also see real-time analytics, top referral sources, page level analytics, custom dimensions, and other useful information.

MonsterInsights Lite, which is the free version of the plugin, also has a PDF tracking feature.

PDF Plugins for WordPress as a Bonus

There is no way to generate or embed PDF files with these plugins. If you serve PDF files on your WordPress site, on the other hand, you might find them useful.

10. WP-Search

SearchWP is a WordPress plugin that costs money. It enables you to improve your WordPress site’s search experience.

It cannot, however, search PDF files that are encrypted, stored outside the media library, or have images embedded in the text. The ability to search the text within PDF files is one of the plugin’s features. See our tutorial on how to use SearchWP to improve WordPress search.

OptinMonster (#11)

The best lead generation and conversion optimization plugin for WordPress is OptinMonster.

It’s an effective tool for expanding your email list. OptinMonster can help you convert abandoned visitors into subscribers. In exchange for free PDF downloads, you can ask users to sign up for your email list.

To 10X your subscribers, check out this list of content upgrade ideas. It can also be used to provide content upgrades.

Which WordPress PDF Plugin is the Best?

EmbedPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily embed PDF documents and other media files. The best WordPress PDF plugin is largely determined by your requirements.

WPForms is the best plugin for allowing users to submit PDF files to your website.

E2Pdf is a plugin that allows you to create and edit PDF documents right inside WordPress.

Use OptinMonster if you want visitors to subscribe in exchange for PDF downloads, and MonsterInsights if you want to track all PDF analytics.

You might also be interested in our comparison of the best email marketing services and our list of the best WordPress page builder plugins. We hope you found this article useful in your search for the best PDF plugins for WordPress.

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    For me, the embed any document plugin works.

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    I have a free WordPress site, and I was unable to install the first plugin you recommended. I understand that some plugins are only available for WordPress.org, so if you have a list of only WordPress.com plugins, that would be fantastic. Are all of these plugins compatible with both WordPress.com and WordPress.org? Thank you.

    Hello, Lily.

    None of these plugins are compatible with WordPress.com. Please see our comparison of a self-hosted WordPress.org blog vs. a free WordPress.com blog.

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