Email Marketing 101: How to Build an Email List in WordPress

Do you want to make a WordPress email list?

It’s also far more effective than using social media alone to reach your target audience. The best way to stay in touch with your readers is through email marketing.

We’ll show you how to easily build an email list in WordPress in this email marketing guide for beginners.

Because this is a longer article, we’ve created a table of contents to help you find your way around.

  • What is the difference between an email list and a mailing list?
  • What Is the Importance of Email Marketing?
  • How Do You Begin Building Your Email List?
  • Which Email List Building Service Should You Use?
  • How do I use WPForms to create an optin form?
  • How Do You Use OptinMonster To Add Your Optin Forms?

What is the difference between an email list and a mailing list?

People usually sign up for your email list by filling out an opt-in form on your website. An email list is a collection of people who have requested that you send them regular email updates.

Using email marketing software to build an email list allows you to stay in touch with your readers and customers.

Because email is such a reliable form of communication, you can easily inform your subscribers about upcoming events, such as new products, sales, or special announcements.

What Is the Importance of Email Marketing?

Email marketing outperforms social media marketing in terms of clicks on our websites.

We’ve tested this several times and the results are consistent: emails generate 10 times the number of clicks as all other social media combined.

The answer is straightforward: email is a private and personal medium. But why is email so effective?

If that isn’t enough to persuade you to start building your email list, consider the following advantages.

  • Guaranteed Reach – Due to the nature of social media algorithms, your updates are bound to be missed when you use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. People, on the other hand, are much more likely to check their emails than their social media accounts.
  • Your account can be suspended at any time, and you will lose all of your followers. You are the one who sets the boundaries. Second, you are not bound by the social platform’s rules, such as character length or hashtag restrictions. Email newsletters are more effective than social media platforms for integrating into your WordPress blog (we’ll show you how later in this guide). We’re not saying they’ll do it, but your email list is yours to keep. What if your favorite social media platform closes its doors? Access and Ownership – The content you share on social media is not your property.
  • Better Targeting – One of the best aspects of building an email list is that you can use it to target your audience locally (for people in specific countries, cities, or states). If you’re launching a product in a specific area, email is the best way to reach out to your subscribers.
  • Increase Revenue – The bottom line is that if you can guarantee reach, better targeting, and user attention, you will almost certainly increase revenue.

Isn’t email, on the other hand, dormant? Have you heard that social media is where it’s at these days?

It’s a common statement, but if email was truly dead, why do you have to sign up for every social media platform with an email address?

Furthermore, building an email list is much easier than growing a social media following. For the past two decades, email has been the most reliable form of electronic communication, and it hasn’t slowed down.

Similarly, your tweets only appear on a user’s feed for a limited time. Unless you pay for ads, Facebook and Instagram limit the reach of your pages to a small percentage of your followers.

When you send an email, on the other hand, it is delivered to all of your subscribers and remains in their inbox until they respond.

We’re not advising you to stop using social media. While these sites are excellent for increasing user engagement, email will bring you more visitors, conversions, and sales.

They’ll take your followers with them when they vanish. Finally, a social media site may go away or lose popularity (remember Myspace?).

Email, on the other hand, has existed since the dawn of the internet. It’s still the most common way for people to communicate on the internet.

How to Begin Creating Your Email List

The first thing you’ll need is an email service provider you can trust.

These firms specialize in email delivery, and you’ll need them to ensure that your message reaches all of your subscribers’ inboxes (rather than being marked as spam).

Even though you can send emails from WordPress, we strongly advise against it (see why you should never send email newsletters from WordPress).

These professional email service providers invest a significant amount of money and resources in their email delivery infrastructure to ensure that your email does not end up in the spam folder of your subscribers.

A third-party email marketing service is used by every major company, including Facebook, Apple, eBay, and Amazon.

Apart from deliverability, these companies also offer email marketing tools to help you improve the effectiveness of your emails.

Should You Use an Email Marketing Service?

There are numerous excellent email marketing services available.

It’s a highly competitive industry, so companies are constantly attempting to keep costs low while providing a wide range of features.

The providers listed below are just a few of the ones we’ve worked with and can highly recommend.

Email Marketing Software Can Help You Grow Your Email List

Constant Contact is the best email marketing service for businesses and websites of all sizes.

It allows you to send emails, manage subscribers, track emails, view analytics, create beautiful email templates, target subscribers, and split test your campaigns.

This software captures email addresses, integrates with WordPress, and has plugins and tools for all of the most popular WordPress plugins and tools.

This allows you to set up your email list and begin collecting email addresses. The best part is that Constant Contact offers a free trial period of two months.

Your list will pay for itself by the end of the trial. Register for free!

SendinBlue, Drip, and ConvertKit are some other options. They’re all compatible with WordPress and simple to use for newbies.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll demonstrate how to use Constant Contact to create an email list. Regardless of which email service you use, the process is very similar.

Create a Constant Contact email list

Let’s get your email list up and running. This is simply a list where you’ll keep track of all users who sign up for your email newsletter and their contact information.

Fill out your information on the Constant Contact website by clicking on †sign up for freeâ€TM.

After you’ve signed up, go to the top of your Constant Contact dashboard and click the †Contactsâ€TM button.

Click the blue †Create Listâ€TM button on this screen. The contacts page will now appear.

It can be anything you want, but for this example, we’ll call it †My Email List.â€TM It’s now time to give your email list a name.

You’ve completed the process of creating a mailing list that people can join. The next step is to include an email subscription form on your WordPress website for your visitors to fill out.

See our guide on how to add email subscriptions to your WordPress blog for more information on how to set up your email list.

WPForms Can Help You Grow Your Email List

While Constant Contact has an email signup form builder, WPForms is the quickest way to get started. It works in tandem with Constant Contact to make it simple to set up an optin form.

If you need assistance, check out our step-by-step guide on how to install a plugin. The WPForms plugin must first be installed and activated.

WPForms Lite, a free version that includes Constant Contact support but has limited features, is also available.

Select the †Newsletter Signup Formâ€TM template when creating a new page. Go to the WPForms » section after activation.

Within the form builder interface, you’ll find a sample newsletter signup form.

You’ll see a notice on the next page to connect your email marketing service in the marketing tab. I’ll get to that in a minute.

By clicking on the title, make sure to change the name of your form. We called it †Subscribe For Regular Updatesâ€TM in this example, but you can call it whatever you want.

The orange †SAVEâ€TM button should be clicked. We’ll update it if you click on †Confirmationsâ€TM on the left under †General.â€TM You’ll now want to create your confirmation message.

This is what you’ll see:

We will contact you as soon as possible. â€However, you are free to put whatever you want here. This is the message that your subscribers will see when they sign up for your newsletter. â€Thanks for contacting us!†is the default confirmation message.

Now, on the left, click the marketing tab:

The †Constant Contactâ€TM button will now appear. To link your new email list to the form we created, click that.

We’ve given it the name †My Newsletter Form,â€TM but you can call it whatever you want. After you click the †Add New Connectionâ€TM button, a popup will appear asking you to name your connection.

After that, you’ll see something like this:

Enter your Constant Contact information by clicking the †Click here to register with Constant Contactâ€TM link. You will now see a message asking you to grant WPForms access to your account. To proceed, click the †Allowâ€TM button.

To register your form, you will be given a long authorization code.

Fill in the fields with your code and the account nickname (make sure it’s something you recognize). Simply click †Connect,â€TM and you’re done.

The fields you want to pass from your WPForm to your Constant Contact list can be selected on the next screen. We chose †emailâ€TM and ††††††††††††††††††††â€

Simply ensure that those two fields are included on your optin form.

When you’re finished, click the big orange †Saveâ€TM button.

Now that you’ve created your form, it’s time to upload it to our WordPress website. We’ll put it in the sidebar for this example.

To add the WPForms widget to your sidebar, go to Appearance » Widgets.

Choose your newsletter sign-up form and give your widget a title. To save your widget settings, click the ‘Save’ button.

Your email subscription form can be found in the sidebar of your website.

Anyone who enters their name and email address into your form will now be added to your email list.

OptinMonster can help you grow your email list faster.

The Internet is simply too big, with thousands of websites and fierce competition in most industries. Did you know that more than 70% of visitors to your website will never return?

You only have a few seconds to persuade a website visitor to stay and explore.

This is where OptinMonster enters the picture. It is the world’s best conversion optimization software, allowing you to convert website visitors into subscribers and customers with ease.

You can create welcome mats, exit-intent popups, slide-in forms, floating bars, and other optin styles with this optin software to capture as many email subscribers as possible.

You can then style your form and use smart targeting rules to display it at the exact time and location you want.

On the OptinMonster blog, here’s an example of a subtle and polite slide-in form:

We used this lightbox popup successfully at WPBeginner and saw a 600% increase in subscribers without affecting the user experience or decreasing pageviews. One thing is crucial here: the user experience.

If you use OptinMonster and don’t see an increase in your subscribers after 14 days, you can get a full refund.

Getting to Know Your Subscribers

It’s critical to engage with your subscribers once you’ve started building your email list.

You should make it a habit to send them emails on a regular basis, whether weekly or monthly.

You can send them emails asking for feedback, providing helpful hints, or informing them of new content you’ve created. Every email does not have to be promotional.

You might also be interested in our proven tips on how to increase website traffic and our list of tried and easy ways to grow your email list faster. We hope you found this article useful in learning how to create an email list in WordPress.

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress video tutorials if you enjoyed this article. You can also find us on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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    For more information, see this article on the OptinMonster support website. In MailChimp, you must either enable double optin for your mailing list or set up an automation workflow.

    Can I rely on them to grow my email list?

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    See why you should never buy an email list in this article.

    To keep your list growing and improving over time, use a unique template, offer discounts, and always include calls to action. You’ll know how big of a driving sales force your campaign is if you measure its success rate, and you’ll be able to make the next one even better. After you’ve made your list, consider how you can stand out from the crowd. In today’s world, inboxes are overflowing with emails, and you don’t want yours to end up in the trash.

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    What method do you use to communicate with your subscribers?

    If you’re using Constant Contact, all you have to do is click the create button to start writing your email, which you can then send right away or schedule. It all depends on the email marketing software you use.

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